Tuesday, June 27, 2006

As Promised

here is the bracelet I made on sunday.
gave blood today, so didn't get to any art~
mostly errands and housework. oh boy.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Quick UPdate

Took the plunge sat and listed 2 pieces of art on ebay. this is the link to one and you can 'view other items" for the other. we'll see how it goes.
made a fabulous bracelet yesterday at our Bander's meeting. will post that picture tomorrow.
time for bed-hopefully the melatonin will help the insomnia~

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Quick Note

Just wanted to post this website for fairy doors. very cool
wonder if this will spread from Ann Arbor~
also wanted to post a link to another blog-
bernie berlin's A Place to Bark
If you're an animal lover, you will want to read her posts~sometimes
with kleenex near

Monday, June 19, 2006

Just "stuff"

Let's see. since i was here last. Nathan got a tattoo. It's not done. Still plans to get wings added. It represents his guardian angel. Everyone (me, gary, nathan, randy, mom, dad, keith, suzanne, ty, travis, patrick, patsy, rex, justin and jake) went to Joe T Garcia's for lunch for Father's Day. see what i had to eat...
spent some time w/a good friend who needed to talk and been doing art. Several suggested this past wk that i sell some of these, so maybe i'll pop a few on ebay later this week and see how that goes. (once i decide i can part w/a few!) time to go eat some chocolate (nuggets)and make art!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Week and Studio Fri (on sat)

Pretty much spent the week sleeping thanks to sinus infection+. Feel like i lost an entire week.
(Which i pretty much did.)
Studio Fri topic was "fave art supply" At this point i have to say WOOD! I am really enjoying building my boxes and using patina's! Don't always know what is going into them, but they are fun anyway~
Also want to show what i did w/the spoon i bought from Nikki Z at art & soul. Painted and distressed the wood-added the paper and a nail
and voila! It's in the dining room now.

The other piece is one for our Banders swap this month.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Got up sat and headed out to Canton. Here is what i bought in my 3 hrs-not inclucing my water, tea and popcorn! Good ole rusty metal stuff~
Met Gary for lunch in Dallas, then on home. Started feeling sick-Bird Flu. OK-so it's probably just a head cold. Spent most of sun laying around. Needless to say, bathroom paint job is not done, but here is a picture of the color~watched the season finale's of "Soprano's" and "Big Love" tonight-good thing Deadwood starts next week-i'd have HBO withdrawal~ Watched "Freedomland" last night-it was really good-Julianne Moore was excellent.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Week so far...

Been busy this week. Textured (light) the bathroom and sanded it-it's ready for paint.
Weather was cooler wed, so worked in the north side of yard-clearing out the jungle. My trash
men probably weren't happy to see the pile this morning. Also worked on my trades for this month's art mtg..
here is a picture of the bathroom paint "before." and "during" with the texture....next the paint. And here we have a remorseful Nala and her handiwork~