Saturday, August 24, 2013

Where Does the Time Go?

Well, i stopped playing with my paper for a bit.  Had some belated gifts to finish-or start :) 
Also had to celebrate my mother in law's birthday (and we forgot to take our yearly photo) and my son's birthday (28)  Hard to believe since i'm only 40.  
 I did get this guy finished this week.  The image is one of my favorite ones-love the little boy in
his homemade airplane.  I wanted to focus mostly on the image so it's a very basic piece with only some shading and bit of blue.  He will be heading to his new home this week.

before color

Here he is with subtle blue edges

added "custom" paper to the edges

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I'm currently taking the SEWN class with Mary Ann Moss online.  While I have enjoyed painting patterend paper, my new obsession, compliments of MAM is paper fabric.
I sat this weekend making paper fabric like crazy.  I got into the "zone" and just kept going-made myself stop to fix our dinner then back to the machine.

here is machine w/piles of paper scraps for my "fabric"

   Some years ago i set my sewing machine on the floor-on top of an artist's box on top of a wooden crate.  I would occasionally sew something quick, but not sit for hours.  I sit on the floor kind of indian style, then use my knee to press the pedal~hence the sore knee on sunday.  That didn't stop me from starting up again on sun and again last night.  I really need to move my machine to the table though~  It's very relaxing to me-I have 5 sheets done and another started...yes, i'm addicted!
close up of a page

This is actually 4 sheets of paper fabric-probably about 1 sq yard total 

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Estate Sale Finds

It has been a long time since I have been to an estate sale-When i started the job I had in 2007 I pretty much stopped hitting the estate sales.  I only had saturdays and by then the good stuff is usually gone. I have stopped at a few the past several years, but just ones I saw while driving.  They were pretty much duds. I used to be on a mailing list for one or two and I always knew I would find something if I went to those.
I'm on an email list now-you can sign up here for your area and receive a wkly email alerting you to sales in your area.  Anyway, I happened to notice that there was one this friday over near my mom's house.  I checked out the pictures and saw some cool things-so my husband and I headed over there friday morning.  (a little later than I prefer but that probably saved me a few dollars)  I did manage to find some things that made the time worth it.   We made a second trip back today around noon-found a few more things for 1/2 price.  All in all i spent about $21.  the bulk being an old photo/scrap album for 7.50   This sale made up for all the crummy ones I have been to in the past few years. :)   The little ledger book was just $1-i've never seen one this size so I really couldn't pass it up-
My goodies-old ledgers, rulers, attachment boxes, books, pulley, laundry pins and transparency paper 

two rulers and two extention rulers for a total of $3

love the compass on the back of this one

2 sewing attachment boxes and two laundry pins for $2. total 

detail on old book-will use these covers for an art piece

an old pulley of some sort-nice and rusty

detail of the old red ledger book.  It is very heavy metal

here you see it open and the mechanism-haven't seen one like this before and couldn't pass it up for $2

page in the old album 

Friday, August 02, 2013

Bzz Agent report (LYSOL)

I was sent two POWER AND Free products from lysol and asked to try them and review them so here goes.


These cleaners are bleach free which i really liked-no need to open a window or leave the room for
fresh air.  The multi-purpose cleaner uses hydrogen peroxide which I also like since i was using it to clean
at times.  I like seeing the bubble action-you know it's working :)  I also like the wider trigger-it just feels
ergonomically better than normal sized triggers on other bottles.  It has a fresh clean smell-not medicinal or "cleaner-y."  (Citrus zest)
  The wipes i'm a little on the fence about.  I like them for their hydrogen peroxide and my hands not feeling dried out if I use them without gloves, however I did wish they stayed wet just a bit longer.  They worked great-didn't leave streaks and had good cleaning power.  I'm not a fan of the scent-Oxygen Splash-it was a more "cleaner" type scent and i prefer citrus but that is just a personal preference. It also kills certain viruses and salmonella.  All in all I was happy with both products-and would recommend them to others to try.
You can link to their site on the "lysol" above to read more about their products.