Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wkend Art

this is what i worked on this wkend. Had the idea when i saw the printers block on ebay-and when i won it, had to make this piece.

She now sits behind glass in a shadowbox frame~

Saturday, August 25, 2007

it's Up!

I finally put some things on my etsy shop. I have more to add, but this is a start. Need to add a banner and some other pictures, but for now, it's a go. Feel free to stop by~

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I want to try to post more often-and more art. Last sept when i went to work for my mom at the seminary, it was just m-f part time-and temporary. Well, almost a yr later, i'm still there and agreed to stay-almost full time. I go in early, so i get off early which gives me time for art-or so i thought. Now i come home and sleep every day-finally realized it's due to my meds-and once i get off them (soon i hope) i'll have more energy and create more. In the meantime, i fit it in when i can and when i feel like it. I'm trying to clean up the art room-and purge some things-narrow down my mediums (yea right) :) So i'll throw in pictures of "stuff" as well as art. This wkend i made this little piece that will be going into my etsy shop. As soon as i get a few more things photographed, they'll go in there too. The book below i made at the first Artfest-in a class w/Albie Smith-great teacher and wonderful book. I finally decided to use it to write down childhood memories-something to pass down.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Pictures are finally uploaded so i can update a few things. Received this wonderful necklace in trade from Tonia a few wks ago-i love it's uniquenss! Mom and i went to canton sat (not for the big flea mkt) went to the home decor store she wanted to hit-got a few things for the house. (the birds i plan to paint) Finally finished reading Harry Potter-Only let myself read a bit at a time to make it last :) Now i can just look forward to the last 2 movies.
I also see that HBO will be coming out w/a new series based on some books i read by Charlaine Harris. Should be interesting since Alan Ball is writing.
that's it for today. HOPE to get some things on my etsy shop this week...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Give Up

First, couldn't get pictures to upload, then blogger wouldn't let me sign on, and now i get an error msg when i try to post a picture...i promise, there IS a cake picture :)

will post later this week what's up around here-hopefully with pictures. ok-so here's the cake after all...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Mmm-coffee cake

Well, i just *thought* i would update on mon-but here it is friday already and i'm just getting around to it. Sun night i made this yummy coffee cake.
It's one i tried at work and they all raved-it lives up to the name of "rich coffee cake"
Been working alot this week-more than my usual 25 hrs. We had a lg group in, so by the time tomorrow is over, i'll have over 40. Nice to be busy, but it wears you out~no art this week. OK-have to go charge the camera before i can add the picture~so more later...